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Materials and research

MBSPC Cytomed is continuously building up the evidence base for efficacy and safety of approved and newly registered medical products manufactured by the company.

While carrying out laboratory and clinical studies, MBPNK Cytomed adheres to the principles of evidence-based medicine as well as to international ethical and scientific guidelines for research quality — GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) and GCP (Good Clinical Practice).

Scientific significance of conducted studies, ethical correctness and comprehensive documentation concerning clinical characteristics of studied medical interventions — all these aspects are ensured through strict rules for planning, conducting and finalizing the pharmaceutical product tests, analysis of outcomes, report comparison and documentation management.

Impeccable observance of standards reliably secures proper protection of rights, safety and well-being of research subjects and guarantees that clinical studies comply with the principles established by the World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki (WMA DoH), while ensuring credibility of the research-derived data.