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An effective immunomodulator

to normalize immune system function

Thymogen® is able to stimulate the inhibited activity of the immune system and to mitigate an abnormally high immune response. Thymogen® projects a normalizing influence on reactions associated with cellular and humoral immunity as well as nonspecific body defences; it stimulates regenerative processes, restores biochemical, hematological and coagulatory blood indices during immunodeficit conditions, activates the synthesis of endogenic interferon.


Having completed the 150-year-long development, peptide bioregulators have established their position among medical products used for treating a wide range of human diseases. Peptide thymomimetics are a fine example of such compounds. They mimic the properties of the thymus hormone without being its fragments.

L-α-glutamil-L-tryptophan formula

The active substance of Thymogen® is a monosodium salt of L-α-glutamil-L-tryptophan. It is a synthetic dipeptide, which consists of amino acid fragments – glutamine and tryptophan. It is identical to the natural compound, chromatographically extracted from thymus gland extract – an organ, where maturation, differentiation and immunological "training" of immune t-cells takes place. Its international nonproprietary name (INN) is oglufanidum. Alpha-glutamil-tryptophan stimulates proliferation and differentiation of of t-lymphocyte precursors into mature immunocompetent cells, prompts cellular immunogenesis factors, normalizes T-helpers/T-supressors ratio, increases concentration of cyclic adenosine monophosphate in T-lymphocyte precursors. It strengthens nonspecific resistance of the body, contributes to phagocytic functions of neutrophils and monocytes/macrophages, stimulates interferonogenesis and function of natural killer cells (in low doses). Exhibits antimediatory properties. Highly effective for immunodeficiencies of the T-suppressor type.

Thymogen® was originally developed by Saint-Petersburg and Moscow research teams to treat immunodeficiency conditions. The drug is approved for medical use in 1990.

Indications for use

The main indication for Thymogen® therapy is secondary immunodifeciency conditions. These conditions are associated with the majority of infections, traumas, acute and chronic infectious-inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases, acute and chronic influence of ionizing radiation and toxic xenobiotics. Due to the fact that the conditions develop in the presence of a great variety of disorders, the dosage form of Thymogen® and particular therapy tactics are dictated by a specific type of the pathological process.

Main applications of Thymogen® dosage forms:

  • Complex therapy of acute and chronic infectious-inflammatory diseases which imply inhibition of cellular immunity;
  • Prophylaxis of immunity, hematosis and regeneration processes inhibition during post-traumatic and post-operative periods, during the course of radio- and chemotherapy, in case of administering massive dosages of antibiotics;
  • Prophylaxis and complex therapy of viral (including acute respiratory diseases and influenza), bacterial and chlamydial infections;
  • Prophylaxis and complex therapy of acute and chronic respiratory diseases;
  • In dermatology, for complex therapy of atopical dermatitis, including complicated with secondary bacterial infection, true and microbial chronic eczema, chronic pyodermia as well as mechanical, thermal and chemical dermal traumas, etc.;
  • In obstetrical and gynecological practice.
Generally speaking, Thymogen® has quite a wide area of usage. A more specific scope of indications is listed in labels included with particular dosage forms.

When combined with etiotropic drugs, Thymogen® contributes to faster and more comprehensive recovery, reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases and complications.

During the 25 years of usage history, no side reactions or complications have been reported. The only contraindication for Thymogen® is individual intolerance. However, prior to administering any medical products for immunity improvement and reinforcement, it is necessary to consult with a physician.

It has been clinically proved, that Thymogen® is absolutely safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic and doesn't exhibit embryotoxicity or teratogenicity.

Dosage forms

High therapeutic performance combined with nonexistent side effects and withdrawal syndrome are distinctive features of all Thymogen® dosage forms.
Dosage form Recommended for Dosages Number per package
Solution for IM injections adults and children over 6 month of age 100 μg/ml 5 ampules of 1 ml
10 ampules of 1 ml
Dosed nasal spray For adults and children over 1 year 25 μg/dose 10 ml (80 doses) in a bottle with a doser
Cream for external use Without age limitations 0,05% 20 g in a tube or a jar
30 g in a tube or a jar