National Russian project for upper grade student’s career guidance

RUSSIAN SCHOOL OF PHARMACIASTS is a project implemented by MBPNK Cytomed jointly with Saint Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical Academy (SPSCPA) and supported by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Science and Education of the Russian Federation. We hope to instill and develop the interest for science among young people; to attract talented, ambitious, motivated young professionals who wish to work and learn; and to plant a seed of new young Russian scientific elite.

An annual series of intellectual challenges

RUSSIAN SCHOOL OF PHARMACISTS is a creative contest for 10th grade students of comprehensive schools and first-year students of specialized secondary educational establishments. Annually, more than 2000 young people from even the most distant regions of Russian take part in the contest. Participation in the contest is voluntary and absolutely free of charge for the students and educational establishments alike. The main prize is free tuition at St. Petersburg State Chemical-Pharmaceutical Academy (SPSCPA).

Original layout

RUSSIAN SCHOOL OF PHARMACISTS utilizes a unique layout specifically designed for this project. We maintain direct cooperation with schools, create original pharmaceutical challenges, play a "Who wants to be a pharmacist?" quiz with students, show films, organize excursions... Within the last 3 years more than 1500 schools have become partners of the project. These activities not only make it possible to identify gifted children, they reveal the distinctive features of pharmacology to upper grade students thus giving them a chance to familiarize with the future occupation and to choose their further life paths more deliberately.

Career guidance materials for teachers and students

RUSSIAN SCHOOL OF PHARMACISTS features a website with the details of the contest, information about pharmacology-related occupations and films about them ( "Pharmacy. Your future?" and "A pill. How was it made?") along with photo projects and exhibitions, captivating quizes, real experiments, open lectures from leading Russian and international scientists, excursions, prizes, presents and many other things. All career guidance materials are sent to educational establishments free of charge, they are also freely available at the project's website.