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A drug to treat chronic prostatitis

and associated sexual and reproductive disorders

Prostatilen® AC is a complex medical product designed to address chronic forms of prostatitis and associated reproductive dysfunctions. Its formulation is capable to cope with prostate inflammation while also improving sexual and reproductive health in men. To be specific, the product increases libido, eliminates sexual dysfunction causes and shows efficacy for treating the immune form of male infertility.


Prostatilen® AC is a medical product based on regulatory peptides of the prostate gland, amino acids (arganine and glycine) and zinc. Original pharmaceutical composition of the Prostatilen® AC agent for treatment of prostate diseases is designed by NBPNK Cytomed specialists and protected by the patent (Patent RU2430733 – 2011).

Zinc arginine-glycinate dihydrochloride formula

In order to enable therapeutic effects of zinc, glycine and arginine, the drug composition includes a chelate compound ― zinc arginine-glycinate dihydrochloride ( C8H17N5O4Zn 2HCI) – which is characterized by superior bioavailability in comparison to the mixture of individual components. Arginine is an amino acid conditionally essential for adults and essential for children; arginine deficiency results in rapid development of pathologic processes inside the body. In general, arginine provides antioxidant effect and stimulates the production of somatotropic hormones. Nutrition lacking this element inhibits the growth of the body. Long-term administration of arginine causes persistent vasodilation (increase of blood vessels clearance). It inhibits the development of tumors, stimulates phagocytosis and is able to regulare cellular processes of proliferation and apoptosis in lymphoid tissues during different periods of human life. Moreover, arginine provides significant regulatory action in relation to urinogenital system functions, participates in spermatogenesis and improves erectile function.
Zinc, a biologically active micronutrient, is involved in regulation of prostate and reproductive system functions while showing proved spermatoprotective action. Large quantities of zinc are found in sperm and prostate secretion. Prostate diseases and sexual dysfunctions are considered among zinc deficiency conditions. Zinc deficiency contributes to delayed sexual development in boys and inhibited fertility in men. Lack of zinc may cause inhibition of testicle function, testicle atrophy, reduced production of sperm and testosterone, impaired potency in men. This assumption is proved by the fact that sexual dysfunctions dissipate on condition of additional zinc therapy. The concentration of zinc in sperm and prostate secretion is reduced in patients with chronic prostatitis and prostate cancer. Zinc is proved to play an important role in prevention of prostate hypertrophic processes. This effect is attributed to the fact that zinc inhibits the activity of the 5α-reductase ferment which slows down an adverse process of testosterone male hormone conversion into dihydrotestosterone known to stimulate prostate tissue overgrowth upon accumulation. Glycine (aminoacetic acid) is a primary aliphatic amino acid. It is a constituent part of many proteins and biologically active compounds; it is also an important component of secretion excreted by the prostate. Prostatilen® substance, which is also a part of Prostatilen® AC composition, is essentially an extract of prostate glands taken from young bulls with an addition of glycine. Detailed information on how regulatory peptides – active elements of the substance – influence the human body is available at Prostatilen® page.

The complex composition of the novel drug stipulate its key properties asserted by clinical trials.

Indications for use

Prostatilen® AC is prescribed to treat the following disorders:

  • Chronic nonbacterial prostatitis (CNP) including the one with impaired spermatogenesis and erectile function;
  • Pre- and post-surgery on the prostate gland;
  • Adenoma or benign prostate hyperplasia;
  • Prostate function impairments associated with aging (libido reduction, premature ejaculation);
  • Prostatilen® AC exhibits regenerative (restorative) activity. It facilitates microcirculation within the prostate, reduces swelling and leukocyte infiltration of the prostate, normalizes secretory function of epithelial cells, increases the number of leukocyte granules in acinus secretion, stimulates muscle tone of the bladder. It inhibits thrombogenesis, features aniaggregant activity, prevents venular thrombosis in the prostate. In general, Prostatilen AC provides anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant action, relieves pain syndrome, eliminates other unpleasant symptoms of prostatitis (problems with urination, itching, burning, etc.).Prostatilen® AC normalizes male copulative function and it is effective for treating an immune form of male infertility. The medicine contributes to increasing testosterone levels, improving blood inflow to genitals; it boosts blood flow to cavernous bodies, strengthens erection, stimulates sex glands and spermatogenesis. It reestablishes the structure and functional properties of spermatozoa (proved reduction of pathologic forms, increased mobility), enables decrease in antisperm antibodies (ASA). Improves libido and potency.

    The use of Prostatilen® AC significantly improves MAR test results and other spermatogenesis indices, including reduction in antisperm antibodies. These effects provide grounds for prescribing the drug for immune forms of male infertility.

Proved effects of Prostatilen® AC administration include:

  • Improvement of main fertility and spermatogenesis indices in patients with CNP (chronic nonbacterial prostatitis);
  • Increase in scores of spermatozoa progressive mobility and percentage of morphologically normal forms (especially in patients over 30);
  • Reduction in the numbers of antisperm antibodies (ASA) provides grounds for prescribing Prostatilen® AC for immune forms of male infertility in CNP patients;
  • Increase in blood levels of testosterone male sex hormone in patients over 25.
  • Follow-up treatment courses are recommended to improve fertility indices.

    Dosage forms

    Prostatilen® AC is manufactured as rectal suppositories.
    Dosage form Dosage Number per package
    Rectal suppositories 30 mg Prostatilen® and 180 mg zinc arginil-glycinate 5 pcs.
    10 pcs.
    The product exhibits no special properties associated with the initial administration, while its withdrawal required no special measures on behalf of doctors or patients. It is possible to administer Prostatilen® AC simultaneously with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs. During the course of administration it is not recommended to use laxatives or undergo hydrocolonotherapy.