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An effective medicine

for treatment and prophylaxis of prostate disorders

Prostatilen® is a drug of natural origin with proved efficacy. Its action on prostate gland tissues is complex: the product normalizes their condition, relieves pain, improves erectile function and strengthens immunity. Prostatilen® is used as monotherapy for chronic nonbacterial prostatitis and as a component of complex therapy for bacterial prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia.


The Prostatilen® substance is derived from prostate gland tissues of young bulls with an addition of glycine and zinc micronutrients.

Animal tissue extracts contain a substantial volume of peptides – specific amino acid compounds which serve as natural bioregulators. Peptides are characterized by precise action only on those tissues and organs which they were derived from. For instance, when prostate cells affected by illness "meet" the extract of a healthy organ, they "recall" the way to operate properly and start to recover. Therefore, Prostatilen® peptides action is organotropic; they facilitate the reduction of swelling, secretion congestion and leukocyte infiltration of the prostate gland. Glycine, also included into the composition, is an active facilitator of cellular renewal and oxygenation processes; it is a constituent element of many hormones and plays an important part in immune system functions. Zinc micronutrients prevent the development of benign and malignant prostate gland processes, contribute to preserving the integrity of spermatozoa, are indispensable for specific immune cells maturation.

Indications for use

Prostatilen® is indicated for prophylaxis and complex therapy of the following disorders:

  • Acute prostatitis
  • Cronic prostatitis (bacterial and nonbacterial)
  • Adenoma or benign prostate hyperplasia
  • Surgical interventions into the organs of lesser pelvis (bladder, prostate)

Prostatilen® proved clinical efficacy:

  • Normalization of venous drainage and microcirculation in the prostate gland
  • Reduction of leukocyte rates in the prostate secretion
  • Improvement of ejaculate properties (improved quantity and mobility of spermatozoa)
  • Alleviation of pain syndrome
  • Reistablishment of the usual urination frequency (within 2-4 days from the beginning of the therapy)
  • Increase in sexual desire, improved erectile function and orgasms.

Dosage forms

High therapeutic performance combined with nonexistent side effects and withdrawal syndrome are distinctive features of all Prostatilen® dosage forms.
Dosage form Dosages Number per package
Rectal suppositories 30 mg 5 pcs.
10 pcs.
50 mg 5 pcs.
10 pcs.
Lyophilisate for preparing solution for IM injections (in ampules) 5 mg 5 pcs.
10 pcs.

Prostatilen® SUPPOSITORIES are prescribed:

  1. For urgent inhibition of the pain syndrome. It is possible because the suppositories contain dimexide, which stimulates faster absorption of the active substance and has prominent anti-inflammation properties. What is more, suppositories act faster because the medical agents they contain get absorbed in immediate proximity to the target organ– prostate.
  2. Suitable for patients with no medical history of rectum disorders (hemorrhoids, cracks, pilonidal cysts, etc.). To clarify, the suppositories contain dimexide which projects irritative action of moderate intensity. In some cases it can cause such side effects as stool softening, burning sensations and irritation of the anus.
  3. For benign prostate hyperplasia grade I and II (BPH) with urination disorders dues to bladder atony.
  4. For initial therapy of male infertility caused by spermogram and ejaculate altered due to infectious-inflammatory prostate diseases.

Prostatilen® ampules are preferrable:

  1. For patients with rectum disorders to minimize the irritative activity of dimexide.
  2. In senior age when systemic action is more important. When administered parenterally, Prostatilen – being a bioregulatory agent – influences the body on the whole and provides immunomodulatory (increases the number of T- and B-cells, reduces IgA concentration), anti-inflammatory (reduces swelling, improves microcirculation) and regenerative (faster restoration of the normal structure in the affected organs) benefits.
  3. During the post-operative period in case of surgical procedures on the lesser pelvis organs, including the prostate.