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MBNPK Cytomed plants in Finland and Russia are equipped with modern high-tech machinery and operate in compliance with European GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) requirements.

Scientific-industrial complex in the Saint-Petersburg SEZ (Russia)

Launched: 2016

  • 1200 kg of substances processed from animal raw materials per year;
  • more than 100 kg of synthetic peptides per year;
  • 6 million packages of finished medical products per year.

MBSPC Cytomed launched the construction of the modern scientific-industrial complex in 2013, thus becoming a resident of the Novoorlovskaya site of the Staint-Petersburg SEZ. Having the new pharmaceutical enterprise opened, the company obtained a unique facility in terms of capacity and equipment to manufacture active pharmaceutical substances derived from processing raw animal materials and synthesizing peptides. The line of 20 reactors manufactured by Büchi AG and Büchi Flawil serves to synthesize and refine pharmaceutical substances; the line allows to synthesize peptide chains of any complexity. Reactors by the Swiss company Pharma Apparate Handel AG for producing substances from biological raw materials are no less versatile – as well as other equipment of more than €8 million worth.

Apart from laboratories commonly used by pharmaceutical facilities to support the production process and control the quality of manufactured products, the complex houses a scientific-research center fitted with modern European equipment crucial for researching peptide bioregulators and developing new original medical compositions on their basis. Moreover, the complex includes storehouses, administrative quarters and a manufacturing facility for finished medical products in liquid and solid dosage forms (capsules, powders, creams, syrups, suppositories, solutions, etc.).

The total area of laboratory, manufacturing and storage buildings of the scientific-industrial complex, which occupies the territory of 0.76 hectares, is more than 6000 m2. The total volume of investments to the project is more than 1 billion rubles.

In 2016 the MBSPC Cytomed complex for research and production of active pharmaceutical substances derived from raw animal materials and peptide synthesis was recognized as the most significant Russian investment project operated by an SMB company and won the Development Award at the 20th anniversary St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF-2016).


Saint-Petersburg, Primorsky district, Novoorlovskaya site, Saint-Petersburg SEZ, Orlovo-Denisovsky st., 14, lit. “A”
Tel.: +7 (812) 602-05-93 ext. 515
Sergey Pirogov, Development Director, MBSPC Cytomed

Cytomed OY pharmaceutical plant at Lappeenranta (Finland)

Launched: 2016
Capacity:12 million packages of finished medical products per year.

The construction of the new Cytomed OY plant in Rauha (Lappeenranta, Finland) was finished in June 2012. For the next year the installation of machinery and a multy-stage process of equipment licensing and validation were being carried out. In August 2013 the production facilities were certified by the Finnish Medical Agency (FIMEA). The enterprise obtained a license for drug manufacturing in Finland and was included into the list of medical product manufacturers complying to the European norms of GMP (EU GMP — Good Manufacturing Practice).

The Cytomed OY production site houses equipment intended for producing various dosage forms: capsules, suppositories, creams, salves, sprays, ampules. Apart from automated lines engaged into the production process, there are high-tech complexes designed to provide and ensure the permanent product quality corresponding to the European requirements for medical products manufacturing. Specifically, the complexes are fitted with precise equipment for deep instrumental, analytical, chemical and microbiological research.

The production facilities of the enterprise occupy the area of approximately 400 m2, while additional 600 m2 are allocated to storehouses. The company invested more than 1 billion rubles to purchase the land, carry out construction and repairs and buy equipment.
With such a large-scale plant opened, Russian enterprises are now engaged into the European healthcare system. Compliance with the GMP standard allows for unhindered selling of Russian-manufactured products on European and international markets.


Laastitie 1, 55300 Rauha, Finland
Tel.: (358) 5 668 11 00
Yulia Volkoff, Director, Cytomed OY