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A complex antiviral drug

for prophylaxis and early treatment of influenza and other viral URTIs for the whole family

Cytovir-3® is an effective and safe antiviral complex, used as a main medicine of choice for prophylaxis and early pathogenetic treatment of influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections (ARVIs) in adults, teenagers (capsules) and children (syrup, powder). Among the product's advantages are a short treatment course (4 days) and compatibility with all symptomatic remedies and antibiotics.


Cytovir-3® unique formula includes bendazole hydrochloride (dibazole), alpha-glutamil-tryptophan (sodium thymogen), ascorbic acid and excipients.

L-α-glutamil-L-tryptophan (sodium thymogen) formula

Bendazole hydrochloride formula

L-ascorbic acid formula

  • Bendazole hydrochloride (dibazole) induces the production of endogenic interferon, which inhibits replicative activity of the majority of viruses while restoring the activity of various immunocompetent cells.
  • Alpha-glutamil-tryptophan (sodium thymogen) regulates the functional activity of T-cellular immunity and reinforces the IFN-induction activity of bendazole. It is important to know that sodium thymogen restores the ability of cells to synthesize IFN during the period of activity reduction. During an ARVI, this reduction always replaces the period of intense synthesis. It's worth mentioning, that combined use of bendazole and sodium thymogen facilitates the optimal production of endogenic IFN and significantly increases the resistance of a child's body to viral infections.
  • Ascorbic acid activates gumoral immunity. Its antioxidant action binds the free radicals formed due to viral activity. Ascorbic acid stabilizes epithelial barriers, trimulates the functions of neutrophils, monocytes, NK-cells, improves the phagocytal activity and anti-body production. Experimental Cytovir-3® powder trials showed that ascordic acid also optimizes and empowers the action of bendazole and sodium thymogen.

Simultaneous administration of these three pharmacological components allows Cytovir-3® to provide powerful therapeutic and prophylactic effects.

Due to Cytovir-3® rational combination of components, the medicine features antiviral action, immunomodulatory, and antioxidant properties.

Indications for use

Cytovir-3® is used for prophylaxis, treatment and prevention of complications of influenza and other ARVIs in adults and children according to the product label.

Proved clinical effect

Cytovir-3® shows interferonogenic action, so it finds its use as an agent for immunity stimulation and antiviral therapy. It precisely targets influenza and ARVI causative viruses and mobilizes all the immunity components to fight them. Within the minimal period of time Cytovir-3® stops the disease development by inhibiting viral reproduction and neutralizes toxic components produced during their life cycle thus relieving the patient's condition. Complex therapy with Cytovir-3® shows statistically significant reduction in duration of main clinical symptoms of the disorder (intoxication, hyperemia, cataral syndrome) and the acute period of the disease course.

Drug safety

Usual treatment doses of Cytovir-3® do not exhibit any side effects; the medicine does not accumulate inside the body and produces no toxic products throughout its metabolism.

According to the Influenza Research Institute, no cases of complications and side reactions have been reported throughout the whole period of Cytovir-3® medical use. More than that, state clinic physicians note good tolerability of the product, a significantly less severe course of the disease and faster recovery without any post-infectional complications.

Cytovir-3® is recommended for use by the experts of Influenza Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Children's Infections Research Institute of Russian Ministry of Health, Research Institute of Experimental Medicine of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and many other Russian research institutions.

Dosage forms

Cytovir-3® dosage forms are designed considering convenient administration by patients of various age categories. The range includes capsules for adults and children over 6 years old as well as forms adapted for use in younger children: syrup and powder for preparing solutions at home.
Dosage form Recommended for Dosages Number per package
Capsules Adults and children over 6 years Neutral 12 pcs. / 24 pcs. / 48 pcs.
Syrup Children over 1 year Sweetened 50 ml in a dark glass bottle
Powder for preparing a solution for ingestion Children over 1 year Neutral/Orange/Strawberry/Cranberry 20 ml in a dark glass bottle

Powder dosage form of Cytovir-3® for preparing a solution is recommended for children liable to allergic reactions or with impaired carbohydrate metabolism because it does not contain saccharose (substituted with fructose), preservatives and colorants.